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Very nice light comforting tea with a touch of rich warmth
By: Emily C Robbins    (Dec 30, 2013)

I'm enjoying a cup of this right now, as temperatures drop outside in preparation for what's forecast to be a very cold night. The mint's liveliness in this blend is tamed nicely by the chamomile, and the carefully blended rosehips and cloves add a subtle soft warm layer that makes me feel like I've put on a cashmere cardigan. Given that this has lemon peel and rosehips, this tea must be contributing to my Vitamin C needs, which is nice during this wintry time of year. Elaynn's recommended brewing time seems relatively short at 4 minutes, but you should follow it - for this and other teas of hers that I've tried, four minutes gives you a fully-flavored, pleasant-tasting brew, with the floral and herbaceous notes of the herbs coming gently forward.

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Elaynn McGuffrey says:    (Dec 30, 2013)

Thank you, Emily for a great review!! The steeping time for herbs to make a tea is no more than 4 minutes. Otherwise the herbs will be depleted of their healing properties. Elaynn