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Amazing quality of nuts!
By: Cynthia Curl    (Dec 4, 2014)

When I opened the box and actually saw these nuts, my jaw dropped--WOW! They were ALL the same beautiful color, not like what I've purchased for years from local stores, which always have darker nuts (suspicious--always looked like they mixed in leftovers from previous years, and rancid, and I had to go thru and remove all the darker, bitter, rancid ones and discard them). The flavor of these is delicate and delicious--I've never had access to nuts like these! These are a treasure! and I will not heat them so as to preserve every nutritional essence. I am so grateful to this Farm for offering them to us. THANK YOU.

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Excellent walnuts!
By: Alexandra Tufnell    (Feb 19, 2014)

I ordered 7lbs of walnuts in December and was impressed with quick delivery and the most gorgeous walnuts I have ever seen. I thought 7lbs would last a long time so I shared them with a few friends who were also impressed. However, I have used up all the walnuts (they are great in baking), and I am ready to order more.

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Gorgeous Walnuts
By: marilyn wolgat    (Nov 15, 2013)

I never expected this quality. Honestly, I have never had access to this quality. Giant perfect halves, of fresh sweet walnuts. No crumbs or debris. These are brand new off the tree. I try to eat walnuts for omega 3, but the walnuts at the grocery store this year are terrible. I feel I hit the jackpot finding Fillmore Farms. These walnuts lack the bitterness of grocery store package walnuts. I was going to freeze them, but they recommended you refrigerate. It is worth it Worth every penny

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