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from: Beck Grove / La Vigne Ent.

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Second and Third Chance a Fail
By: janet gibbons    (May 20, 2014)

I gave them a second chance earlier in the year. They arrived frozen and I was unable to eat them. I contacted them and got no answer. I tried a third order last week. What a fool I am. Most of these are rotten. The ones that aren't are small and bitter, burning and stinging my mouth. I buy from another farm with wonderful results. The other farm stops selling when the product is below par. NEVER AGAIN!

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Some Great Ones!
By: Janet Marie Gibbons    (Jun 17, 2010)

The kumquats that are large, 1.5 inches or so, are little gems from heaven. They are wonderfully juicy and perfect in every way. Unfortunately in a ten pound box there are only about 1 pound of these. The rest are an inch or less and very very tart. I do appreciate the difficulty in producing an organic kumquat. I am so happy to be able buy these little darlings, even the oh so very very tart ones, that I shall continue to pay $56.34 every month to have them delivered to me. I would gladly buy a non-organic larger kumquat but have not been able to find any. Florida has a short season for kumquats running from November to March. This year Florida was shut down in January due to heavy frosts.

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