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By: Amy Jenks    (Mar 4, 2014)

I have ordered passion fruit from McManigle Farms a number of times. I have been pleased every time. I first fell in love with passion fruit in the Dominican Republic and I am so excited that I can get passion fruit here in the states. I swear George hand delivers them to my house! Every time I get a craving, I get on here and order some. The next day or two they are on my front porch. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! I wish they were in season all the time, craving some now 3/4/14 :(

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A Different Standard
By: Fernando Cruz    (Sep 18, 2011)

I have been a Passion Fruit nut since a very early age picking them off the vine for my breakfast when I spent the summers during school Vacation in Puerto Rico.

Although I've ordered these twice I came away Very disappointed each time at the small, nearly empty husks of purple leather that were purported to be Passion Fruit. I made the descision to buy them twice because there are no others availible and for me, having something close is "something at least". I really like passion fruit so i will take what I can get when there is a lack but I must inform you who think these are what they are supposed to be, No,.these are lower rung examples at best. Nearly a third of what was delivered were the size of an egg with a teaspoon of runny yellow water inside and the rest were just a bit closer to a lemon in size but sour and rather dry inside. I'll admit, among the entire order there were maybe five that were correct inside and out but they were the exception.

If you really want the good stuff you won't find it here. wait till Next year and see if the Golden Passion Fruit come back, They were missing this year because a storm destroyed the crop. I am Hopeful the farm can produce them in the upcoming year and restore my favorite fruit to my breakfast menu.

F. Cruz

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Happy chappy. Loved It.
By: Gary Arntsen    (Sep 1, 2010)

Large, fresh, tasty fruit. I am a long time glutten for most passion fruit supplied through "Local Harvest" farms and have made multiple prior purchases of passion fruit. This farm has stood out as the supplier furnishing fruit that has arrived at my table in the best condition. I will purchase again. Thanks.

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says:    (Sep 1, 2010)

was the fruit fresh when they arrived @ your house?