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By: Deidre Barkley    (Apr 15, 2011)

Boy was I surpised these were seeds not luffa sponges. The description is Large Luffa Sponge and Small Luffa - no mention of seeds unless you read the narrative below. The picture shows luffa sponges next to Large Luffa Sponge $10.00.

To top off my faux pas - I bought 2! : (

Now I've got so many seeds I'll have to give some to friends, neighbors, and strangers I met along the way!

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Sharon Carson says:    (May 18, 2011)

If you look at my listing, the pictures of the sponges is where you order the sponges . The picture of the luffa plant on the trellis is where you order the luffa seed. It says seed on the listing as well. Sorry for the mix up. Everyone will enjoy growing this plant! :)Sharon