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By: Amanda Lazarowitz    (Mar 31, 2011)

ease of order and quickness of shipping 10 receiving the item and happy with the condition that I received them in 10!!! first cut 8 Ease of peel 6 NOTES it split in a brittle fashion a if it wasn't completely ripe Color 4 NOTES I expected a nice deep red flesh as the predominant color of the oranges. The red flesh was less than the orange flesh. Taste (to be clear it I bit into a sweet mildly different oranges the color and the peel would have meant nothing. However As I bit into my blood oranges it was sour almost like tangy and definitely not what a blood orange experience should be like Shipping 10 Condition when I received 10 First cut 3 ease of peel 4 taste 2 Out of a fifty point rate system 29/50

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