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Watch out for the bargain box!!
By: Kim Armstead    (May 23, 2014)

'Our "bargain boxes" have smaller sizes, firmer tamar fruit, like a chewy little caramel, great for pocket food, hiking, biking, for the car or a desk at school or work.' --Advertisement for Halawi dates, Pato's Dream Date Gardens, Thermal, Ca

I've ordered alot of dates recently. I'm familiar with the words used to denote quality. 'Firmer' usually refers to a date that's not super moist but not completely dried out either...the quality falls somewhere in the middle of these extremes. I received 12 pounds of dates that just couldn't have been harvested this year. The 'fruit' around the pit looks and feels like paper on most of the dates...on some of them, the fruit feels like cardboard. They are very, very difficult to pit. When I emailed the grower to inform them of what I had received, I was told that wetting them might help to restore moisture. These dates aren't worth $82 dollars. Be careful ordering the bargain box from Pato's Dream Date Gardens in Thermal, Ca.

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By:    (Oct 8, 2010)

I was inspired to order these after I found a cookie recipe my grandma and brother made together in 1974 (she made a note in an old cookbook). I had never bought or cooked with dates, but once I they were in the fridge started snacking on them all the time and have found so many different possibilities for them (sweetening oatmeal, delicious persian dishes, chutneys). So, if you don't have a history of cooking with them making an order might inspire you.

Pato's Garden Customer Service is great! All of my orders have been in excellent condition and delicious.

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