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from: Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota

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By: marilyn wolgat    (Jul 6, 2014)

Oh No, Out of Stock? I bought the smallest bucket (from the Prairie Farms website to test. The lard is white and clean and must be refrigerated. It will soften fast if it hits room temp. First I made apple pies with an old Tennessee recipe (1 lb lard, 5 1/2 C flour, 1 teasp salt, 1 egg beaten in a 1 cup measure with 2 teasp vinegar to which water is added to fill the cup). As they baked the house filled with mouth watering aroma, The crust was flaky melt in your mouth delicious. With a good lard, the crimped edges of the pie wont melt down or fall off the pie, and even if the edges are thick, they are not hard and taste great. Next I used the recipe came with the lard. Also delicious. Might have enough left to test Grandma's recipe next (lard plus butter). She was pastry chef for Henry Ford I at his private club and baked us the same recipes. Prairie lard makes pie like Grandma. I grew up on those pies and thought I would never taste such again.

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Leaf Lard
By: Burnie Berrey    (Feb 10, 2011)

Dear Open Kettle I have tried to recreate a biscuit recipe for years now. As well as copy Grandma's fried apple pie recipe. A lot of trial and error and I've gotten close over the years, but I just couldn't duplicate Grandma, until I ordered your Leaf Lard. It makes biscuits light and flaky and the pastries for the apple pies, well there indescribable. Its like going backward 40 years sitting at Grandma's table. If any recipe you have calls shortning or oil. Substitute it with leaf lard and you will be back at Grandma's table as well.

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Dawn Hubmer says:    (Feb 16, 2011)

So Glad you found the KEY! to success in baking biscuits. I grew up on the farm, using lard for everything! So, I am using our lard for everything again. I made the best french toast the other day. OMG, perfect! Next is baking bread using my old 4-H bread recipe. My husband will be so happy and me too! Dawn @ PPF