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from: Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota

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It Is That Good
By: marilyn wolgat    (Jul 6, 2014)

I purchased my first order in June, 2014 through their regular web site, and not local harvest (wanted to compare sites). The first thing I tried was the Hickory Smoked Bacon. The package was not filled with pink water, and it did not boil off scum like grocery bacon, which I had stopped buying. This bacon was thick, and meaty. There was not as much fat in the skillet after it cooked. I poured the fat into a dish and wasn't sure it really was fat, as it was crystal clear and thin. But it hardened up in the refrigerator. The bacon was so darn good my cat went crazy. I had four slices and lay down in total happiness. I have diverticulitis, but my stomach loves this. I ate the whole pound in one week. Me and the cat. Couldn't stop. I never knew what a difference it made to pasture raise pork. This bacon is pricey but worth it. I am rationing the left over bacon fat. The fat of these pigs almost melts at room temperature.

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