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from: Garden Delights

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Great for Dog's and Cat's
By:    (Aug 8, 2013)

I would highly recommend these Herb collars! They smell wonderful and have really helped calmed my dog's skin! Love them!! Thanks

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Great product
By: Pamela Zinn    (Jun 22, 2011)

I have 4 cats, one is very prone to fleas. The cats spend their days outside. So far, we have not seen any fleas, but the neighbor's cat is peppered with them. The collars stay on, they smell great and they look really cute. I replaced the collars after a month so they all have fresh and potent herbs (and a fresh new look). I'm very happy with these flea collars.

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Kitties love it, and so do I
By: Julia N Piland    (Mar 30, 2011)

Hello. I bought two of these for my cats. First off the aroma smells amazing! That alone is better than any other flea color. They are simple to get on the cat, and they stay on. The other cat kept smelling the kitty collar before he got his own. I just ordered a new batch!

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Great product!
By:    (Feb 11, 2011)

I purchased two flea collars for my cat . The smell from the herbs was really nice.I found when he laid next to me the aroma relaxed even me! The collar fit comfortable on him. He did not mind it.The print was cute and fabric soft. The velcro fastner was super easy to use.I used a flea comb almost daily for a week.I noticed less and less debris from the fleas in the comb.I would recommend this product highly. Today my boy is flea free! He really looks cute in his collar as well.I will order two more for those "just in case" moments

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