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Our Beyond Organic farms provides fruits, vegetables, and honey that are exceptionally sweet, and very mineral dense.

We do this by testing each Major and Micro mineral and applying them at the highest rate the soil needs. This helps us eliminate 99% percent of all pest problems and 100% of all disease problems. Since the plant has unlimited access to it's much needed mineral energy it then is able to take full advantage of every positive element. The result is a very sweet crop loaded with vitamins and minerals that are perfectly suited to your daily needs.

We use only Heirloom seeds. Many of which have proven themselves for well over 100 years. Their mineral density and flavor are unmatched and they out perform their hybrid cousins in every positive way.

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2012

Our Honeybees are not treated with chemicals and frankly don't need them. Our honey is pure, never heated, filtered, or anything that could sacrifice its perfect raw taste. The type of honeybees we have are wild swarms mixed with certified russian queens. They are very vigorous and prolific. We have 23 hives and our record honey crop was last year at 118 lbs from one hive!

Season:  April through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

# of Shares:  40

Full Share:  $750 for 24 weeks of a heaping 1/2 bushel

1/2 Share:  $400 for 24wk 1/4 bushel or 12wk 1/2 bushel

Work Req?  No

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