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Grown in the heart of Fallbrook, California or, "The Avocado Capital of the World," our produce reflects our commitment to growing the best fruit for our customers. Even tough we are not certified organic we practice our organic standard practices for example self sustainable, we use herbal sides, crop rotation, we also use animal manure and farm fruit compose. In our main fruit production is avocados, we also grow Tropical Dragon Fruit (Magenta), which is in season from mid-summer to late fall. Cherimoyas,Persimmons, and a variety of other seasonal fruits.

We dedicate ourselves to growing natural grown produce so that our consumers can feel the benefits of eating healthy. We take pride in both our fruits and our customers, and that is why we do our best to produce the highest quality fruit.

Listing last updated on Oct 20, 2014

Our produce, grown in the heart of Fallbrook, California, "The Avocado Capital of the World" reflects our commitment to growing the finest and tastiest fruit.

Mix Seasonal Fruit Box
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Fuyu Persimmon
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I was pleasantly surprised after much disappointment, I ordered this fruit box blindly. I didn't think to stop and see what was in season, I simple was sapote, cherimoya, and guavas.... [more]

Rick has been one of my favourite farmers since 2011, having been my local farmer in Los Angeles and present supplier of select fruits to my new location and all travelling points inbetween.... [more]

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