Ricky Lee's Honey Bees

Ricky Lee's honey is produced in Douglas and Elbert counties. Our honey comes solely from Top Bar hives, where the comb and the honey are harvested at the same time. We believe that since the comb is used only once, it will maintain a healthier hive, and some really great honey. All of our honey is 100% raw prairie wildflower honey. If your looking for raw honey in the Parker or Elizabeth area then give us a call.

All of our honey bees are "Rescued" bees. These bees are extracted from structures and saved from extermination and then relocated out to the country. Check us out on the Web.

Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

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Ricky Lee's Honey Bees has great honey! We have also tried some of his other products such as the creamed honey, cinnamon honey and also the beeswax candles!... [more]

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