Rider's Backfield Farm Beef

Small family farm found in beautiful Madison County, Va at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We produce "All Natural Angus beef without fed antibiotics, implants or growth hormones. Our beef is100% green grass- pasture fed and custom mixed "dry grain" finished to promote consistent taste and tenderness. Our beef are never "feed lotted" and are raised as humanely possible . Our steers live like "happy kings" while with us on our farm. Our beef is hung and dry aged for 14 days and then cut to your specification. It is flash frozen and cyopacked and never gassed or injected. Our processor is only one hour away from our farm and our steers have a short distance to travel. We sell beef by the whole,half and quarter side per hanging weight. You pay only to us and the charge includes all packaging and processing. We do not ship our beef at this time. We also sell retail (per piece) at the farm by appointment only or through delivery dates throughout our immediate community. We have a nice family Package $Deal for approximately $100.00 and we sell at the Saturday Madison Farmers Market as well as at the Wednesday Warrenton's Farmers Market. We are open to purchases from "buying clubs" and we also sell to non-box stores and restaurants in the local area. We also produce and sell a 100% all natural soap that is made from the tallow of our beef. Many folks find that it is extremely effective for those with dry or allergic skin.


Listing last updated on Nov 21, 2009

Family run farm producing 100% Pasture raised and grain finished All Natural Angus and Angus Cross Beef; Our beef are not fed antibiotics, growth hormones or have steroid implants. We also produce an all natural lavender soap from the tallow of our beef.

Schedule and Location:

Wednesdays-Warrenton Farmers Market, Warrenton, VA 9-1pm
Saturdays- Madison Farmers Market, Madison, VA -Fairgrounds Road, 8-12 noon

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My husband and I called ahead to have a package of beef for pick up at the holiday farmer's market. We had never met the Riders or had any of their products before, but we are interested in local, sustainable and humane products, so decided to give it a try.... [more]

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