Ridgeway Farms

Welcome to Ridgeway Farm. This is a family owned and ran farm. We are currently raising:

  • Sheep ( Dorset/ ClunForest crosses)
  • Dairy cattle (Holstiens and Jerseys)
  • Chickens ( Buff Orbits, Black Australorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Araucanas)
  • We currently do custom raised meats such as: pigs, beef, chickens and turkeys.

    We pride our farm on as very natural raised farm. Our one motto is a happy animal is a healthy animal.

    Listing last updated on Jul 8, 2014

    Order now for your chicken ,duck and turkey. Taking orders now.

    Schedule and Location:

    Saturday 8pm-1pm
    Hamilton Farmers Market
    Hamilton NY

    Schedule and Location:

    Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
    Sunday 11am-6 pm
    Our Farm
    Ridgeway Farms
    3101 Whitelaw Rd Canastota NY 13032

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