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I sell fertile eggs for hatching in the spring and moved to southern Arizona in March 2011. Last year I hatched out only about 25 chicks and sold them to two local families. My birds are gorgeous, full blooded Light Brown Leghorns. In 2012, I did a February and an April hatch and now have nine replacement pullets after selling three.

A goal of my chicken keeping is to preserve and improve this endangered breed. While some will say Brown Leghorns are not rare, I disagree and have talked to the most prominent breeders and have the membership list of the American Brown Leghorn Club to back up my assertion. Having pure chickens around is a pleasure; order some of the stock I improved for your farm or ranch.

The food value of the naturally grown table eggs and meat is notable. It's clean food with a unique flavor. People like to comment that farm eggs are the best, but work and money need to be dedicated toward the poultry to actually get unique eggs with great nutrition, taste, and cleanliness.

Most all chickens get GMO corn and soy, which will affect their health and appearance. You, from eating the eggs or meat, may very well pay a price also. My birds from day one get the milo and wheat that I sprout. I have used up the last of my fish meal and will not use that protein source again since the Japanese nuclear reactor pollution. I now use organic field peas. I boost the birds with, beef liver, pork fat, kefir and vegetable trimmings.

The most unique flavor of all is the meat of birds kept right. My Leghorns have a wonderful flavor unlike any bird sold in the store. There is a special wild flavor, like pheasant that is noticeable in some of the flesh. The liver and gizzard have a distinctive, gourmet savor very unlike that from store bought chicken. The special feeding must help, but Leghorns are known to have fantastic flavor.


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Eggs are a good source of low cost, high quality protein, providing 5.5 grams of protein which is around 10% of what is needed per day. And one egg is only 68 calories. I strongly believe you will live longer and healthier if you eat eggs everyday. The choline, selenium, lutein, lecithin, and amino acids in whole eggs are vital to keeping us healthy and will improve blood lipids profiles. And by helping to prevent blood clots, eating eggs may help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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I have purchased eggs from Ringer Quality Poultry for several months and have been extremely satisfied. The eggs are delicious and very resonably priced.

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