Rio Santa Cruz Grass Finished Beef

Patagonia, Arizona
Family Farm

We have a grass-finished program that is in the "tradition of Argentina". The calves are on a forage chain of annual forages and alfalfa. We use only are own calves. They come off the ranch at weaning ie, 10 months of age and go to the finishing farm for the rest of their lives.

We are 100% natural: no herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or chemical fertilizer. The forage chain is adapted to our soils in SE Arizona. The calves are weighed monthly to monitor their weight gains. Anyone who becomes sick or doesn't meet the minimum criterion of 1lb per day weight gain is taken out of the program. All handling and management is done on foot with an emphasis on quiet, low-stress technique.

We pride ourselves on full transparency. Tours of ranch and/or finishing farm are available upon request.

Listing last updated on Aug 9, 2012

Schedule and Location:

Call fo pick up or meat can be purchased retail at Patagonia Market and the Tubac Market.

Customers may buy directly from us. We sell 40lb family packs and some a la carte cuts. Call for information and availability.

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