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BREAD BIO.: Well, I'm Jyo (pronounced /Jo/), a 26-year old in a love affair w/ bread products and also baking. :) (I don't know how else to put it, in a somewhat uninformed culture of Atkins & so on.)

This process began out West in Eastern WA, where I lived & farmed for 3 years running around trying to find "the right farm" which could actually work with my diverse skill-set! From this "running", I grew tired and moved back to my hometown of Spartanburg, SC.

That is where I reside for now and, in early Summer of 2006, started up a subsidiary of Riseup Rechords, my music label/child. All very decentralized, this subsidiary, "my other child", is "RISEUP BREAD COMPANY". Up until then, no bread company for Jyo.

I bake all-natural, whole-grain artisan breads and have an extensive menu that is again, all of my creation and on me. Read on for lots more info. {While I do have many other things I'm working on & having to do too, this thing happened....} *******There is NO storefront as yet, unfortunately, but I deliver to people with no minimum order (although I appreciate your thoughtfulness in this), just some reasonable gas accomodation.********* IF YOU WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TO ORDER BREADS, ETC., THE BEST WAY IS THROUGH MY SCHOOL E-MAIL: KOKRIBHA@EMAIL.USCUPSTATE.EDU THANKS! -*-

Here is a current product listing/MENU:

*Slicing WW Bread = $6 a loaf

*WW French Bread = $8 a loaf (inc. OG yogurt)

*WW "Loaded Banana Bread" = $10 a loaf (w/, w/out nuts & raisins/dates & WGm)

*In-season WW Muffins = $1.25 ea. large, $0.75 ea. small (in recent past I have used fresh blueberries and a chocolate/cherry combo., some with nuts, some without - for the winter, i'm stocked up on blueberries & strawberries for my folks and business)

*WW & WGm Cookies = $1 ea. (Chocolate Chip mostly - but taking your requests)

*WW & BW Blueberry Pancakes, lg. = $3 ea. (these rock!!)

*Also offering Baguettes, Pies, Sourdough, Sprouted Grain, Biscuits, Cakes, etc. *BULK, PARTY & OTHER ORDERS AVAILABLE ON ADVANCE NOTICE. *ALL ORDERS CAN BE MADE VEGAN, WHEAT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, OR SOME OTHER SPECIALTY. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Key: WW = Whole Wheat; WG = Whole-Grain; BW = Buckwheat; WGm = Wheat Germ *********************************************************************************************** I'm willing to substitute spelt, soy, or other flours that folks might turn me on to. Taking your suggestions on how to utilize sprouted grain & "get dirty" with sourdough.....



Im also a licensed BREAD BAKER. Simply put, my business license itself is "gov't-certified", but I'm self-taught, currently baking from home. No formal education or training. OR $500,000 worth of insurance to use DHEC equipment in restaurant or church facilities. I'm not opposed to doing it "their" way/"taking that route", and I've tried ~ with very little luck in getting any one of these places to rent out their space any set number of hours per week or at ALL.

And the restaurants & stores say "Where is your DHEC certification?" (You can't sell to them without one.) The problem with getting one is obviously money-related. You've got to have thousands to drop on your home kitchen/to build a separate home facility for public processed foods, a REAL BITCH. I haven't played the lottery or so far found an applicable grant for the purpose of small business development.

If there was a certified kitchen somewhere in Spartanburg/locally for me, I would just have to pay utilities on THEIR facilities and could expand markets to restaurants & stores, or @ least to stores.

{Food as a living is just not as simple as it should be.}

I'm back in school at the University of South Carolina Upstate, majoring in Music Business, planning to go into the music industry as a singer-songwriter-pianist. This all keeps me busy!

With your assistance in networking & business, perhaps I could retain the bread-baking as some sort of viable &/or lucrative living. {*See the ALL CAPS note at the end of this write-up.*}

-~- * Here is a DESCRIPTION from the flyer I pass out: "I am excited to offer up a wide variety of healthful, soulful breads. Have no fear! In a culture of all bread is bad, these breads will not hassle you if you adhere to an Atkins diet. Nor will they bother you if you are worried about trans-fats, high cholesterol, high sodium, or any such negatives. All this is guaranteed not to raise your blood pressure too, of course! :) How can I make these high-flutin' claims?

I strive to use the highest quality ingredients possible in all of my products; most of them are even organic.

For the less familiar.....what the heck's all this "organic" fuss about anyways? Organic: 'unadulterated in any way, and grown free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and and processed without the use of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or dyes.' In other words, healthier for you AND better for the environment. In time, I have faith we will make it better for your pocketbook too.

All flours and sweeteners are whole-grain, unbleached, and un-enriched. (The large bulk of the flour used historically was organically-grown Hard Red spring wheat I grew on a farm in Eastern WA. I'd ground the berries on a fine setting using an electric "Kitchen Mill" grinder atop a 50 lb/gal barrel and brought sacks back in Feb. of '06. I am currently researching other local farm/ranch sources of organic grains for when I may run out...so if you know anyone, please DO tell me about them...that would be better than buying from stores or co-ops, which is what I currently am having to do, not very cost-effective.:)

The dairy/poultry ingredients are natural and farm fresh. The oils are mechanically extracted, cold-pressed, and non-hydrogenated. Extra ingredients, like blueberries or honey, are non-sprayed and hand-picked/gathered by me at area farms. (If you know the meaning of all this, you may call me old-fashioned.) oH YEAH! :)

All of my breads are hand-mixed, hand-pressed, and hand-baked 'w/ much love from my kitchen to yours'. I am doing all this alone, but........if business picks up & all the variables I have to deal with can be improved, who knows what the future will hold?

Go on, partake. Everybody needs some carbohydrates in their day and in their life. Why not get them here? And taste the difference in every hearty handmade bite. +If you have a hankerin' for some specific bread(s), tell me! In this season, I've got muffins, cookies & pancakes, and slicing, French & Loaded Banana breads.

These are not your average grocery store 'puff pastries', and so tastes & textures will vary. To get a sample &/or buy some of my breads, you can call directly to my local (Spartanburg area) cell: (864) 357-6507. I greatly appreciate your business. For photos & prices, see: http://www.localharvest.org/member/M14708 (this website).

And remember: "We are what we eat."

In wholesomeness, from my kitchen to yours......" Jyo Kokri-Bhatt, RBC * -~- RBC NEWSLETTER: product dispersal & UPDATES ~

Even if you're not a "local" to this area like me, please feel free to contact me: *For NETWORKING: e-mail jyoshmo@riseup.net or call my cell directly (always the best bet). We can both do our best to fix a time & place for us to meet up with one another! *To ORDER: Make selections (from the menu listed above) through the same avenues. Reasonable advanced planning/notice greatly appreciated. :)

As mentioned earlier, deliveries are possible, as are mutual meeting places. My cell number and e-mail address are listed on my page for your ease in viewing & contacting. :) I'm sorry.....cannot do mail-orders due to the spoilage factor. We 'may' be able to find a way to ship product in future. --------- SEASON KICK-OFF! of PACOLET FARMERS' MARKET: (now called "THE OPEN MARKET")..... don't miss! THIS MARKET IS EVERY THURSDAY FROM 2PM--dark, MAY-OCTOBER. WE HAVE EVERYTHING FROM COOKED MEATS TO FRESH VEGETABLES, BREADS, & AN ASSORTMENT OF YARD-SALE ITEMS. PLEASE COME OUT & SUPPORT THE LOCALS! AND MAKE YOURSELVES HAPPY BY TAKING HOME A BUNDLE OF GOODNESS!! ***Mapquestable address to this market: 1420 Sunny Acres Rd., Pacolet, SC 29372.*** The market is held in the concrete overhang of the old Pacolet Mill Cloth Room. Call Jyo w/ further ?s: (864) 357-6507, local Spartanburg/Pacolet area cell. Register to sell w/ Nate Hill at (864) 474-9174 ---------------------------------------- Also, I'm currently welcoming special orders for parties, birthdays, holiday gifts, etc.

I'D love to have YOU as a regular customer(s) of mine ANY time of year! (Yes I am an eccentric artist, but I work pretty durn hard, contrary to some's view of us.) ;p) --------- {~In the spirit of interactive "food-ing", I should mention that I am always looking for a local bulk source of natural OR organic flours in the state of South Carolina, where I live and work, AND/OR the wider Southeast too. I can keep buying from local co-ops, grocers, or bulk-suppliers, but that is not always as good on cost for growers or for me.... SO If you know of somebody, or a farm, or even a high-quality, low-cost bulk supplier, PLEASE let me know about them (or vice versa). Thank you very much!} *SECONDLY, I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A DHEC-CERTIFIED KITCHEN IN WHICH TO BAKE MY PRODUCTS. IF YOU KNOW OF ONE, PLEASE ~ BY ALL MEANS ~ TELL ME.*

*We here in small business can't grow up a business without YOU!*

sincerely, Jyo Kokri-Bhatt Riseup Bread Co.

Hoping to hear from you soon! :)


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I, JYO, ON BEHALF OF MY BUSINESS, WOULD LIKE TO TURN THE SPOTLIGHT ON: "LOADED BANANA BREAD" ~ THE MAIN FEATURE. Thanks for learning about * RISEUP BREAD COMPANY * Contact me with ideas to collaborate &/or to purchase. Appreciate your business & interest!

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