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Our freezer beef, pork, and other meats are available for purchase in Wholes, Halves, or Quarters. All meat is USDA inspected for wholesomeness and USDA graded for quality. All beef chosen for our freezer beef orders are graded choice or better. All freezer beef are custom cut to your specifications. If you want 1-1/2" steaks, no problem. If you want 4 lb roasts, we can do that too. It's customizable to your families needs and the quality is second to none! We also offer a variety of local and seasonal products.

Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2011

OUR FREEZER BEEF: Our cattle are pasture raised along with supplemental grain. Unlike USDA-graded supermarket beef, we use no hormonal growth stimulants, appetite enhancers or antibiotics. We think that it is unnecessary and potentially harmful to give drugs to healthy animals. We prefer them to be raised the "old-fashioned," natural way. Beef that is naturally raised and aged longer, produces beef of fine quality and tenderness normally only available in rancher's homes, or at fine restaurants

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Ennice, NC

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