We are a small farm specializing in eggs from pastured hens. The chickens are all free to roam; most of the area they are on is pasture. They eat lots of grasses, weeds, seeds, bugs and whatever else they can find. They also get grain to supplement this natural diet.

The chickens are all very healthy, out in the fresh air and sunshine everyday. Eggs from pastured hens contain less cholesterol and more vitamins, omega 3, and beta carotene than the eggs you buy at the grocery store. Plus most people say they taste better!

Eggs are brown, mixed sizes. Local pickup only, we are located just north of Napa. Call ahead for availability.

Listing last updated on Nov 4, 2010

Schedule and Location:

Eggs available year round. Call (707) 255-7089 for availability. Subscriptions also available.

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You forget what a really great quality egg tastes like. My neighbors and I are hooked on the superb taste and consistent high quality of the eggs at River Oaks Farm. They are good enough to give as a gift.

These are fresh fresh fresh and taste so very good. Also many times you get very small eggs when purchased from a farmer of free range chickens. These are not small - most would be categorized as Extra Large.... [more]

After buying the first dozen eggs, I'm hooked! They are heads/shoulders above the grocery store eggs.

Apparently chickens who are allowed free to roam around a pasture, have a wonderful caring owner, and receive high quality supplemental feed, produce the highest quality egg.... [more]

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