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On our dairy goat farm in northern Vermont, my husband and I milk 200 goats. Although we sell most of the milk for cheese, we sell homemade, all natural goat milk soap.

All of our farm work is done by the family. Kidding time in the spring is quite the event. Having ove 100 babies within a month is very much the challenge!

Pat and I also welcome visitors to our farm, as we pride ourselves as being good stewards of the land. We use no artifical fertilizers on our property, and our goats are fed only hay and some grain.

Listing last updated on Apr 16, 2006

We offer home-made goat milk soap for sale. This in made on our farm, and we use no preservatives. Unlike store-bought soap, this soap has a natural glycerin, which is made from the soap-making process.

We also sell buck kids and boer goats for meat. Goat meat is actually the most widely eaten meat in the world. It is very high in protein but extremely low in fat. Its taste is somewhat like lamb, but has a touch of a flavor of venison.


Schedule and Location:

Enosburg, Vermont Saturdays from 9-12

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