Riverbend Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm producing for Independent Local Restaurants, Natural Food Coops and our CSA in the Twin Cities area. We have been certified organic since 1994. Vegetables, beans, grains, and corn are produced in a four year rotation.

An important part of our rotation is cover cropping, green manures, and compost for our vegetable fields. Two years are spent building soil for a year of vegetable production. The second year of production is lots of beans and cover drop seeds. Some vegetables taht do not take a lot out of the soil are also grown. Every fall nearly all of out land is planted to rye and vetch cover crops.

It is important to us to leave this farm in better condition than we found it - our grandchildren might want to farm here one day.

Listing last updated on Feb 26, 2014

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  1994

# of Shares:  84

Full Share:  $575

Work Req?  No

Riverbend Farm supplies wholesale produce to local independent restaurants in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Contact me for more information.

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