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Riverbend Ranch is a sustainable Angus beef cow-ranch nestled in Tenino, WA. The ranch produces all of its own rich grass for grazing and winter feeding. Fresh free grazing grass fed locker beef is sold 3-4 times per year and has increased in animal numbers dramatically. Riverbend Ranch also sells certified weed free grass hay that is produced on the ranch, as well as finished locker pork, feeder calves, and Christmas Trees.

Grass fed beef will be available throughout the year but normally in spring and fall. The Angus beef animals are all born and raised on the ranch, no artificial growth hormones/stimulants are ever used on our animals, they grow on grass just as they naturally should. The animals are processed from 16-18 months of age maximizing maturity and coupled with youth for a perfect blend of rich tender beef.

Natural pork is also grown on the Riverbend Ranch. The pigs are fed a all natural whey, that is derived from a partnering dairies local cheese production. Whey is like candy to pigs and every morning they start talking asking for more. Their held in free roaming areas and live happy lives in groups to ensure socialization among the litter.

A newly adopted hay production method has recently put Riverbend Ranch on the cutting edge with a Washington State Dept. of Ag Weed Free certification. This intense process which involves a state inspector to do multiple surveillance's on the ranch, has helped provide a certified product to livestock owners and ensures that noxious weeds are never present.

In the heart of August, all the calves from the spring calving cows are weaned off and back-grounded in a large area. Riverbend Ranch adopted, what is now a routine, fence-line weaning. This ensures direct interaction between mother and offspring but prevents suckling. In the end, both animals have a much less stressful weaning period and low stress will ensure happy healthy cattle.

Finally, the first weekend after November, Riverbend Ranch opens the gates to the Christmas tree u-cut farm and spreads Christmas cheer until Christmas eve. This time of year the whole family is involved with helping kind folks bale, load, and haul the December icon back to their house. The ranch offers a wide variety of species such as Noble fir, Grand fir, and Doug fir. We also have fresh made swags, a full service running espresso stand, and a family oriented petting zoo.


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We sell beef in quarters/halves/wholes, and pork in halves/wholes. The butcher used is a very popular meat shop, R and L Meats in Centralia, WA. Roger at R and L has been in business for many years and does an excellent job cutting to order. For more information on products currently for sale please visit our website.

Schedule and Location:

Riverbend Ranch, 7 days a week

Schedule and Location:

Riverbend Ranch, 7 days a week for our U cut Christmas tree's

Christmas trees are sold wholesale, Noble/Grand/Doug fir species.

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