Riverbottom Orchard and Vineyard

Henderson , Iowa
Family Farm

We bought this farm almost seven years ago. We got it for a very good price, but there was lots of work ahead. At the time we bought it, it had twenty-five old out buildings on a little more than five acres. Since the early 1900's, this was the home, garage, shop, and barns of a working farm. Lots of Stuff, to put it nicely, was left behind. We have spent more than six years so far, attempting to clean it up and pick it up. Just when we think we have an area done, something pops up out of the ground. Thanks to a large storm two years ago two large buildings were blown down and we were able to start clearing those areas. So far, we got rid twenty-one out buildings to include two big barns and two large corn cribs. The buildings where built along time ago and some had the square nails and the wood was really hard. We were able to get rid of them in a slightly unconventional manner. We recycled most of the wood and hardware. It took longer to have them dismantled and the good material hauled away to a place that recycles it. It just makes us feel good to know the wood was repurposed.

We are now in the process of putting in a fruit orchard and grape vineyard. All of which, we are producing organically. We are much closer to finishing the orchard than the vineyard. Currently, we have forty-two healthy fruit trees in the ground. We have Twenty-four more fruit trees on order for planting this spring. Within the next few years we expect it to be a full functioning orchard. While we are not certified as organic yet, we are working towards that as one of our goals. We currently do not use any commercial pesticides or herbicides. We plant a large garden each year to produce healthy natural organic food for our family. When we reach our goals here at River Bottom Orchard and Vineyard we should have two acres of grapes and two Acres or Fruit Trees. Most of the grapes will be wine grapes to be sold to a local winery. Some of the grapes will be table grapes which we will sell locally.


Listing last updated on Jan 7, 2010

Schedule and Location:

River bottom Orchard and Vineyard
39294 Dobney Ave Henderson IA 51541
Monday - Saturday
8am - 6pm

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