Robin's Chocolate Sauce

Robin’s Chocolate Sauce is handcrafted in northern Maine from a family recipe using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Robin combines pure organic cocoa, organic cane sugar and organic vanilla with local farm-fresh dairy ingredients to create a dessert topping that is simple and sophisticated, exotic and homemade. No artificial ingredients - just pure decadent goodness!

Robin’s Chocolate Sauce was recently awarded the "Best New Product 2007" at the 23rd Annual New England Products Trade Show in Portland, Maine. Tropical Dark, one of six flavors in the new line of chocolate sauces produced by the Maine company, was chosen as the outstanding new product in the Specialty Foods category. Made with 70% dark chocolate and a hint of lime, Tropical Dark is a complementary topping for fresh fruit, pound cake, cheese cake, waffles and ice cream.

Other flavors in the new line of chocolate sauces include Original Recipe, Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange Spice and Ginger Pear. Each has consistently won rave reviews from customers in Maine. Select ingredients, such as organic Bourbon vanilla and freshly ground spices are blended with fine-flavored cocoas to produce deep chocolate flavors with tangy, interesting notes. Fresh dairy ingredients sourced from local Maine farms impart a smooth, creamy and rich texture to the dessert toppings. All six flavors are certified organic and three are Fair Trade certified.

Robin’s Chocolate Sauce is a strong supporter of National Wildlife Federation, whose mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. Robin uses "shade grown" cocoa, which helps to conserve winter habitats for migratory songbirds, and has an affiliation with Sustainable Harvest International, a non-profit in Maine promoting sustainable farming practices in tropical areas where the cocoa is grown.

Awareness of global environmental issues is at the heart of the business. Robin became conscious of the not-so-sweet realities of the chocolate trade by researching where and how her ingredients are grown and produced, and by whom. She is committed to using organic, shade grown and local or Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients whenever possible. These standards are crucial to maintaining a sustainable environment, protecting migratory birds and creating healthy communities—and your children and grandchildren will notice the sweet difference.


Listing last updated on Feb 18, 2011

What began as a holiday gift for friends and family has gained quite a reputation among sweet tooths, cocoa connoisseurs and grandkids throughout the state of Maine. Robin made her first batch of “Original Recipe” chocolate sauce in a 12-gallon steam kettle in July, 2004. Since then, she, her husband and their two sons have built up the family business to produce six distinct varieties. Robin processes the sauce patiently in small batches to produce a luscious, creamy texture and flavor.

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