Rock Creek Mill and Heritage Farm, LLC

Argyle, Wisconsin
Family Farm

Rock Creek Mill and Heritage Farm, LLC

We raise American Mulefoot Hogs, the rarest heritage breed of hog in the United States. We also raise the Austrian Mangalitsa Hog, also called Wooly Pig. We sell to folks interested in preserving heritage breeds through usage.

The meat is very red and full flavored, well marbled. The lard is without peer. Chefs have featured our hogs through the Chicago Reader dinner and Sky Full of Bacon. Our piglets have flown to New York and California wineries.

Join us in enjoying and preserving these heritage and rare breeds.

Weaned piglets are available for you to raise up. They are docile breeds. Adult pigs are available for harvesting at 100-500 pounds. We can arrange local harvest and freezing at a USDA facility. Delivery locally is also possible as is frozen freight.

Luscious vegetables are available on-farm in summer/fall. More than 15 types of tomatoes, 15 types of peppers. See listing of all crops below (click on summer or fall).

Most respectfully, Mike and Valerie Rock


Listing last updated on Oct 22, 2014

American Mulefoot Hogs Austrian Mangalitsa Hogs Exceptional Variety of Vegetables

Whole pigs are sold to individuals and companies. Young pigs are sold live for customer to raise up themselves. Harvest size pigs are sold live and delivered by farmer to the meat butcher of customer's choice. Butcher cuts to customer preferences, packages and deep freezes.

Vegetables are available on-farm. Call or Email.

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