Rock Run Farm

Rock Run Farm is named after the Rock Run of which a tributary creek flows through the property. It also acknowledges the fact that this farm is within the Rock Run watershed and it is my desire to farm in such a way that benefits the land around the little creek here as it is connected to the Rock Run which then goes on to connect with larger and larger watersheds.

Growing healthful garlic is my passion. It all started one summer when I discovered two separate populations of heirloom garlic growing wild. One escaped into an uncultivated ditch in an old neighborhood and the other was found in a prairie close to the site of an old farmhouse which had been gone so long there was no longer any sign of it. Once planted in my garden they flourished, responding well to the extra care I was giving them.

Both these varieties are of the rocambole type of hardneck garlic. Their flavor is much more robust than any other I have tried. Also the juice is particularly oily and not at all watery which hints at a higher allicin content which is the main component responsible for garlic's flavor and health properties.

Another observation taken of my garlic is in regards to brix readings. Brix is used by the produce industry to measure quality. A higher brix denotes higher sugar content and other dissolved solids such as minerals. I have tested numerous garlic from many different stores, including health food stores, and have found the highest brix to be 32. When testing mine it has scored 41's and 42's every time.

I believe in the quality of this garlic and it has been my pleasure and passion keeping alive such a health giving crop and making it available to others.

All my practices have been organic. Although, I am not certified currently I plan to be before this fall.


Listing last updated on May 9, 2013

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2013

# of Shares:  20

Full Share:  $400 / 20 week season

Work Req?  No

I wholesale my garlic. It is available to be shipped to anyone in any amount. Contact me or purchase it through the local harvest website. If you reside near by I may be able to get it to you without having to ship it, please contact me to see if this is possible.

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