Rock Spring Farm

Rock Spring Farm is a family-owned farm located just south of Spring Grove, Minnesota. We have been growing delicious, wholesome produce for customers in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin since 1999.

Food is the glue that holds relationships together. Whether it's the gleam in a customer's eye when she asks for more of "the best green beans I've ever eaten" or the grace that's said before a meal, food is often how we connect to something deeper in ourselves and others.

Good Food means more than just delicious things to eat, although we provide plenty of that. It means food that is convenient and clean, with a diverse selection, and information on how to prepare it in ways that don't take all day.

Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

We provide fresh herbs and other great vegetables to stores in the Twin Cities, Rochester, and Decorah.

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We have been with RSF for 5 years and it's like a celebration every time we pick up our CSA and look inside the bags. We usually rip right into the veggies and have a snack on the way home.... [more]

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