Rockgate Farm

Welcome to Rockgate Farm! 25 acres, more of less, of the most beautiful acreage ever created. My family and I welcome you!!

Here's a little about us: On our farm, we raise a variety of chickens and ducks. My main focus is exhibition quality, heritage breeds. We are proud participants in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and our birds are tested and inspected annually by the Dept of Agriculture. NPIP number 43-437. We are also proud members of the American Poultry Association gladly supporting our hobby.

Our birds are free range, and our eggs are organic. We offer eggs for both consumption and hatching. For those who have allergies to chicken eggs, we offer duck eggs when in season. Missouri Egg License # R12649. Please check with your physician to be sure that they are a safe and suitable substitution. All are shipped fresh and very well packed. No egg over five days old leaves this farm. After 15 years, we know how to do it right!!

We also offer a variety of home canned products made from fruits and vegetables grown right here on our farm or purchased from other farmers' co-op members. I make an awesome pepper jelly, and my Apple Butter can't be beat. Ask to see out awards, as we have done very well in the last few years! If you like Zucchini bread, or Banana bread, boy do I have a surprise for you!!

All baking is done on the weekend, so be prepared for Monday shipment. I work a job and I am a full time university student, so I have to schedule my time wisely. If you have a taste for something, and don't see it in the me directly on the farm (e-mail please, I'm not real good about returning phone calls). I do cook to order, and not everything that I cook is listed in the store. Ask me, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Please remember, if your order is time sensitive...drop me an e-mail and let me know. Otherwise, it can take up to ten days to ship your order depending on how much cooking is involved. I like my food fresh, so very few of my goodies are made before-hand. If I can't meet your time restraints, I'll let you know immediately.

I realize that freight costs are high, but I only charge a portion of actual costs. Thanks to the frequency of mis-handling by the United States Post Office, we will now be insuring ALL packages containing eggs. If you should have breakage, please take digital photos, send them to me, and notify your local post office immediately. These steps must be followed in order to place a claim for damages. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Let's work together to keep this service available.

Please, before you press that button, and confirm your order, be sure that you understand the terms. All terms are stated up front, especially freight, so there are no surprises. I work hard to keep my customers satified, so if you have a problem or me, I'll try to make it better.


Listing last updated on Feb 17, 2014

Rockgate Farm offers award winning jams, jellies, and other types of preserves. We breed and exhibit several types of poultry, and are proud participants in the National Poultry Improvement Plan and the American Poultry Association. We are pleased to offer eggs for both consumption and hatching in each breed, when in season. Please contact us directly with any questions.

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I'm a repeat customer. Products are well priced and all were excellent. Angela is the only person I can find who sells organic apple jelly made with sugar--none of that high fructose corn syrup. Great job!

I have to say, from reading the 2 reviews. Makes me think twice before ordering.

I can also understand the venders frustration. You try to do your best, but there are just a few you just can not please no matter what.... [more]

These farm fresh eggs are the best I have ever tasted and I am very picky about eggs compared to most people. The lemon pound cake is delicious and well worth trying if you enjoy pound cake.

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