Rocking M Premium Grass Fed Beef

Linn Grove, Iowa
Family Farm

Rocking M Cattle graze the ridge overlooking the Little Sioux River Valley located in Northwest Iowa. Rocking M raises black-baldy cattle using the best traits from the Morris family purebred Hereford herd with bloodlines dating back to the 1870's. The herd is cross bred with a registered Angus bull. They are pasture raised and grown in humane conditions. They have not been implanted with growth hormones, fed antibiotics or animal byproducts. They have required no medical attention.

Steers are pasture (forage) fed along with the herd for nearly two years. Their winter-feed program consists of home or locally grown, high-quality alfalfa and natural supplements. They are grassfed animals. Steers are finished on alfalfa and grass hay. Stress-free raising and handling eliminates stress hormones and positively affects the quality and tenderness of the meat. Beef is dry-aged for 14 days, which enhances the flavor and tenderness of the meat. The meat processing plant where the meat is aged is an Iowa state inspected facility.

Our beef is sold in bulk which provides a much more cost-effective outlet for purchasing quality beef. We offer split-half and full-half beef quantities.


Listing last updated on Mar 30, 2010

100% natural pasture raised Hereford/Angus crossbred cattle. Beef is sold in bulk quantities.

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Bought a split half from seller based on humane practices used in raising the beef. I also liked the fact that they are grass fed and raised in spacious, grazing fields.... [more]

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