Rocky Meadow Farm

We provide naturally raised, all grass-fed and grass finished beef from our heritage breed, solid color Galloway herd. Our animals are pasture raised, and their diet consists solely of grass in our own pastures and hay made from those same fields. We do not use any hormones or food additives or supplements, including antibiotics. The cattle graze freely, calves staying with their mothers. Our beef is sold by the side or by 30 pound variety pack. We are pleased to be able to share our safe, healthy and animal-friendly farming practices with our customers.

Listing last updated on May 26, 2014

All-Natural Grassfed Beef. Beautiful farm where the cattle have lots of green grass and fresh water. We have primarily a Heritage Breed of cattle called Galloway which is famous for its sweet, tender beef. Our 20 yrs of raising grassed beef makes us finally knowledgeable in this area, but we never stop learning! See our website: www.

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