Rocky Mountain Worms

We grow Red Worms(Eisenia Fetida) in controlled indoor beds. They are fed finely ground vegetables, are deep red and healthy. Our castings are pure and lab analysis results were very good. Liquid is leached through beds for up to six months and is highly concentrated. We developed and produce Culture Cubes and a complete Culture system for germinating seeds, transplants, cuttings and clones from our products and organic soil, vermiculite and volcanic rock(Scoria). Our Bucket of Worms and Build-a-Bin Kits are convenient and work great. Thanks for visiting us. Jon

Listing last updated on Apr 8, 2014

We supply Red Worms, Castings, Ready-To-Use and Concentrate Tea, Culture Cube germination systems, bulk Culture Cubes, Bucket of Worms, Build-a-Bin Kits, BioPods, supplies and technical advise. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all our quality products.

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I ordered a pound of worms from Rocky Mountain Worms last weekend. When the worms shipped my confirmation email included a note signed by Jon. When USPS wasn't updating the shipping status I emailed Jon to ask for help.... [more]

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