Rojo Pez Ranch

Situated in the idyllic Upper Squamish Valley, Rojo Pez Ranch provides free range pork and eggs to local consumers. Our pigs, chickens and ducks are raised with care and lead happy lives.We believe that in raising animals for food, we are morally bound to provide for all their needs, not just physical but also mental and emotional health.

Our Rojo Pez Free Range Pigs are raised in small groups on pasture and woodland. Their shelters are soft and dry, with warm straw bedding. They are free to roam at will, to play, root and forage as nature intended and experience none of the overcrowding related stressors that plague their factory raised cousins. They dine on non-medicated antibiotic and hormone free food as well as a regular selection of greens, fruits, vegetables and grains, and whatever grass, leaves, rootlets, worms and berries they may find in their travels. Another difference is that our pigs are allowed to grow slowly. This results in a higher quality meat, darker and more flavourful. It stands alone in quality and taste.

Our chickens are raised in an open enclosure with an adjacent coop. They are free to enter or leave the coop at will, but like to put themselves to bed just as the sun sets. They are provided with indoor perches for sleeping, and a variety of straw padded nest boxes in which to lay their eggs. Although their enclosure gives them more than enough room to run about, forage and dust bathe, we frequently allow them out to roam the yard. Our ducks are raised much the same way. They spend most of their days searching for slugs, probing mud puddles, eating grass, or swimming in their personal bathtub. Our birds├?┬ó├»┬┐┬Ż?├»┬┐┬Ż? diet is regularly supplemented with greens and fruit. We provide daily scratch (cracked grain and seeds) for the chickens to forage, as well as whatever grass, slugs and worms they can find in the yard.


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Free Range Pork Happy, naturally raised pigs = Healthy and tasty pork

Free Range Eggs Duck and chicken eggs, raised as nature intended

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