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Rolling R Farm is a small family owned farm a mere 2 miles from beautiful downtown Gaylord. We are passionate about high quality all natural produce and meat and love to share our knowledge and experience with all our customers. Knowing where your food really comes from gives the consumer not only more control over their individual health and wellness but also an incredible respect for the foods that sustain us. We strive to raise heirloom and heritage breeds of vegetables and animals.

At Rolling R Farm we offer the highest quality pure Berkshire pork, dry aged beef and heritage chicken, either by the animal or by the piece. We are fully licensed through the MDA and all our meat by the poece is butchered and packaged at a small family owned and operated, USDA inspected facility? We strive to raise our animals in a calm and caring environment with humane handling at all times.

We feed non-GMO grains, feed no hormones and no preventitive antibiotics. Our cattle's diet consists of pasture and a limited amount of quality grains (less than 3%). All chickens are free ranged and hogs have access to the outdoors year round.

We offer all natural produce and berries without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. We use crop rotation, companion planting and other natural methods of pest and disease control.

We have a small farm market on site that is open 12 months a year as well as frequent a hand full of local Farmer's Markets each summer.


Listing last updated on Apr 16, 2014

Berkshire pork, dry aged natural beef, heritage chicken and all natural eggs and produce.

Schedule and Location:

Downtown Gaylord Farmers Market starting Saturday May 17 8-1pm
Lewiston Farmers Market June-sep Saturdays 9-1 (not every week)

Schedule and Location:

On farm market is open all year. Call for service.

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