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Root Cellar Herbs is a small apothecary situated in rural New Hampshire. Healing herbs surround us and are either wildcrafted or organically grown. The utmost care goes into the harvesting and preparing of these products; hence, the quality is unsurpassed. While raising my family of 4 children over the past 14 years, I was moved to find alternative methods to strengthen my family's health, while also not needing to use prescription medications for health issues that could be rectified by using alternative means. I received my certificate from The Science and Art of Herbalism in Vermont . I also subscribe to several herbal journals and magazines to keep updated on new studies and research done. This has helped me to fine tune the formulas I have created to provide the best alternative to prescription drugs or over the counter remedies. Our bodies are not adapted to absorb big loads of nutrients all at once, as with certain prescription drugs or vitamins, but tiny quantities in combination's exactly as they occur in plants (which is the way it was originally intended). Herbs give us a tremendous opportunity to heal ourselves naturally by using the whole form of the plant where the chemical makeup has several different components that work together simultaneously to achieve a particular need.


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Dried Medicinal Herbs, Organic Culinary Herbs and Herb Blends, Single and Compound Tinctures, Natural Cosmetics and Children's products, Essential Oils, Salves, Herbal Oils Tea Blends and Capsules, all for the families health and happiness. I also have a Natural Animal Product Line to include horses, dogs and cats. Try our Tinctures for help with boosting your Immune System, Cholesterol Care, Sciatica Support and Anti-Anxiety formulas. My Arthritis Pain Relief Salve is very effective & fast !

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Saturdays 9-1 New Durham Farmers Market
Thursdays 9-1 Wolfeboro Farmers Market
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My son had swimmer's ear. Initially I put hydrogen peroxide in his ear and watched it bubble, indicating there was an infection. I then used 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 raw apple cider vinegar 3 x/day and colloidal silver 2x/day for 3 days.... [more]

Really works. I tried the product as directed and after about 3 weeks the body passed a whole bunch of kidney stones.

There was a very nice note inside the package that said that she's a certified herbalist.... [more]

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