Rosasharn Farm

Rosasharn Farm is a small-scale family farm that has been breeding registered Nigerian Miniature Dairy Goats, still considered a rare breed. The Rosasharn herd raises top quality goats for show and, more importantly, milk. Anne makes artisan goat cheeses. She makes especially fine white rinded cheese. She makes chevre for the family in all different flavors. The family grows most of its own food and features hay fields, garden, and orchard. In the fall hardy local kiwis are produced in great quantity. In addition to breeding dairy goats, there are often great pyrenees guardian dogs available. There is also a flock of heritage chicken breeds and a small flock of katadin sheep. Interns have worked on the farm and enjoyed being part of the family for their stay.

Listing last updated on Jun 5, 2008

Nigerian Dairy Goat Farm and Family Homestead.

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Rosasharn's Nigerian dwarf goats are among the nation's best. If you're looking for a milking goat that will pay its way in milk and offspring, they are definitely worth talking with.

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