Rose Paradise Farm

No matter where you happen to live in West-Central Georgia, your first trip to Rose Paradise Farm will prove to be the beginning of a long and enduring relationship.

First-time visitors from numerous towns and cities stretching from Metro Atlanta to the north, Columbus to the south, Macon to the east and Auburn Opelika to the west have all, each and every one, left as our friends!

Whether it's our early summer carrots and broccoli, our grass-fed, pastured Heritage Chicken brown eggs and poultry meat, or frost-sweetened collards that first whet your appetite, you will continue to be constantly delighted year-round by the large variety and down-to-earth prices of the produce and pastured poultry products that are our joy to grow at Rose Paradise Farm!

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Listing last updated on Jul 27, 2014

Our first-time customers are always astonished by the low prices we charge for our produce and grass-fed, pastured eggs, and thus need to be gently reminded that this is possible simply because they are not also being coerced into paying the exorbitant price of petroleum (currently $102 per barrel ... $42 ten years ago in 2004) - to either grow or transport our produce and eggs- whether it be in the form of insecticides, diesel, gasoline, herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or antibiotics.

Schedule and Location:

*****Open Year-Round*****
Thursday through Sunday
10am to 7pm

++++++ July Special ++++++++++
Grass-Fed, Free-Range Brown Eggs
...... $3 per dozen ....... $4 per 18

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I visited this year (2013) and got some mustard greens and I can't remember what else (salad greens) and some pickled peppers. It was all good and very reasonably priced, organically grown.... [more]

This farm has been operating in this location for nearly a year, I think. Their produce has been amazingly delicious and varied. In addition, they have some unique canned products that they offer as well.... [more]

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