Round River Farm


Round River Farm primarily produces organic fruit and vegetables in the hills of Lake Superior?s north shore. Dairy, wool, meat, livestock, holiday wreaths and crafts supplement farm income. Our family-run ?micro-farm? is the only commercial fruit and vegetable farm within a five thousand square mile area. The farm became a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member operation in 2000 where members pay an annual fee for weekly deliveries of coolers filled with fresh produce during the growing season. The farm is powered by solar and wind and uses an intensive cropping system. We use green manures, crop rotations and companion planting on our sandy loam soils. The farm philosophy evolved from Conservationist Aldo Leopold?s writing: ?The current is the stream of energy which flows out of the soil, into plants, thence into animals, thence back into the soil, in a never-ending circuit of life.? From this concept we drew our farm?s name, Round River. We have set forth to create a lifestyle and agriculture system that is as cyclical and natural as Leopold?s Round River.


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