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Our farm began as a dream in self sufficiency. We haven't come close to that goal yet but find that we have a lot of extras. At first we "shared" with the neighbors but still had left overs. Our gardens have expanded to a 36' hoop house for those hard to get tomatoes and peppers in the Pacific North West and raised beds for all the rest. Our tomatoes and peppers made up the winning salsa in a local contest. We also sell the hardy plants that over populate our large flower beds.

We have layers for chicken and duck eggs. They free range daily so our eggs are higher in nutrition. You can see the difference in the orange yolks. Narragansett turkeys are the only ones we raise. These birds have just come back from near extinction. Although a slow grower even the white meat is tender. We raise Freedom Ranger chickens for the meat. This breed grows fast but not too fast. We avoid any joint issues with this bird. Once feathered they are put out with the layer hens and free range with the flock. This year we are raising Berkshire hogs. We can put you on the list for fresh pork any time but we only get hogs once a year so plan ahead. We start them on concrete and quickly move them to a grassy area that quickly turns to mud as they root around. All our animals are raised without hormones or any unnecessary antibiotics.

The veggie garden produces peas, carrots, onions, green beans, asparagus, potatoes, squash, spinach, lettuce and radishes at various times during the summer. All in various quantities, depending on our skill and the weather that year.

We have several hives on the premises. Depending on the year it has been up to six hives and as low as one. We are members of the Skagit Valley Beekeepers club. After eight years we are still learning and welcome anyone who has questions or just wants to take a look.

We sell our own honey and honey from across the state of Washington on the farm and at two of island's Farmers Markets. In the fall when I extract honey I will have local honey. It sells out fast so be sure to come by.

We participate in both farmer's markets here on Whidbey Island. On Thursday afternoons starting in May we can be found at the Oak Harbor Market on HWY 20 and on Saturdays starting in April we can be found at the Coupeville Market in the large field right next to the library. (Good food and good books, what more could you want?)

We are always trying something new so please give us a call to see what's growing this year.


Listing last updated on Mar 29, 2014

Chicken eggs $4 a dz Duck eggs $5 per dz (great for bakers!)

Schedule and Location:

Oak Harbor Farmers Market
Hwy 20 next to the Chamber of Commerce
Th 4-7pm
Coupeville Market
Large field next to the library
Sat. 9-1

Schedule and Location:

Located at our farm. We have eggs almost year round. (Just call) Veggies are put out as they come availble. Our latest addition to the farm is raw honey.

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I had the opportunity to visit this farm in June of this year. It was wonderful to see what great things a small farm can do. The chickens, ducks, guinea hens and turkeys were enjoying the complete freedom of the farm.... [more]

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