Royal Heir Farm

We raise dairy goats for milk and meat production, chickens for egg and meat production, alfalfa hay and corn are annual crops. Eggs are sold on farm and milk is sold for animal consumption only. Extra produce is grown to feed the goats and chickens - the natural nutrition is a boost to their health and our's!

Listing last updated on Jan 2, 2006

After years of raising Buff Orpingtons and Dominique chickens for large brown eggs, and to continue these heritage breeds, we've added 3 Americauna pullets and they are now laying blue eggs! Can't wait to use the first ones and have enough to sell. Fresh eggs are $1.50/dozen picked up on farm.

Schedule and Location:

City Square in Sullivan Indiana
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Schedule and Location:

Monroe's Melon Market
State Road 54 west of Graysville, Indiana

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