Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch & Waterfowl Farm

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Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch & Waterfowl Farm

Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch, a small family farm, is located in central Ohio. We raise rabbits, ducks, geese, and occasionally goats. We feature high percentage New Zealand rabbits and some of the rarest breeds of waterfowl around. Though Campbells are a fairly common duck breed, our Welsh Harlequin and Golden Cascades and Brown Chinese geese are only available from a handful of breeders across the nation, and are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The ducks and geese are free-ranged and spend most of their days frolicking in our stream. They enjoy dining on scrumptious young grass as well as any succulent insects they can catch. They are confined to a barn at night for protection from predators where they snack on locally-raised feed. While some rabbits are kept in wire cages, others, as the season allows, are pastured in �??¯ï¿½??¿ï¿½??½??¯?¿?½?�??¢?¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½??¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½?rabbit tractors�??¯ï¿½??¿ï¿½??½??¯?¿?½?�??¢?¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½??¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½? which allow for some grazing.


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