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Our family owned farm in Watkins, MN has been in business for over 30 years providing only the highest quality grass and grain fed Midwestern beef. Comfortable, healthy, content steers will grow only the highest quality beef. It is really that simple. We consistently set the high end of auction markets for our cattle because of that reason. Comfort. Our steers are kept in facilities that would normally house up to 5-10 times as many animals. Health. The second youngest son, Eric, a fourth year veterinary student, personally feeds, and monitors the health of every animal on the farm. Content. It is always our goal that our cattle are eating, sleeping, or playing head-butt. It is our goal to take our cattle away from the commercial market, and taking the value of high quality beef directly to you our consumers. We only raise about one hundred head of Holstein steers every year. This may seem like a lot of animals, but when you see our facilities you will understand how we do it. We buy small calves around 100 lbs and hand raise them to 1600 lbs. We have a continuous flow of animals which makes year round selection of animals for our customers possible. You and your family can personally select which animal you would like to buy and we deliver it straight to the local butcher in Richmond, MN. No more middle man, and no more unknown, grocery store beef. Not only are you getting a superior product, but you obtain it at a fraction of the price. A wholesome product with value, it is what every family farm wishes to give to its community.


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Prime, USDA, Midwest grown beef. Directly from our family farm just an hour and a half west of the Twin Cities to you our consumers. Take a Saturday and tour our farm and hand select your steer. We then deliver it to our local butcher and have them make the cuts that you select. A superior product at a fraction of the price. A value that you and your family can enjoy.

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Saturday tours, and selection of animals.

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