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Pure raw wildflower honey available starting in 2014.

All hives are strong as of the end of December 2013! We are expecting a 2014 honey crop and will also be selling 5 frame nucs in May 2014.

We bottle honey only from our own bees and we do not use any chemicals or antibiotic treatments. Honey is never heated. It comes direct from the hive and is either extracted into liquid honey or is available in chunk or comb form.

The best honey is local honey! You don't really know where your honey came from if you don't know your beekeeper.

We will remove unwanted honey bees from your property and relocate them to a safe location. Call or email for information.

Listing last updated on Dec 30, 2013

We are now forming a waiting list for honey orders and for Italian Honey Bee nucs. Please email to be placed on the list. All products are local pickup only.

Schedule and Location:

Times & location to be announced

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