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Running Bug Farm - Better Than Organic

Our organic farm is family owned & operated by us. Our shops are a reflection of our life. What we sell is how we live & it supports us. You can easily find:

  • Organic Humane Feathers
  • Organic Cultures
  • Organic Non GMO Seeds
  • Hand Knits & Crochets
  • English Angora Rabbit Wool
  • Organic Hand Creams
  • Organic Lip Balms
  • Organic Cat Toys & More!
  • We make everything ourselves right here on our organic farm! We salvage what we can & use organic natural supplies in what is not salvaged.

    We practice herbal medicine. Our farmstead is natural, holistic & organic. We do not use chemicals of any kind, not even the chemicals approved for organic farming. We are Better Than Organic. We organically raise many types of poultry for eggs, hatching, meat, fertilizer, bug control & entertainment. They are allowed to free range on pond & pasture as they would naturally; treated with pure freedom not commonly seen for their entire lives.

    Poultry we raise:

  • Indian Black Runner Ducks
  • Narragansett Turkeys
  • Brown Guineas
  • Lavender Guineas
  • Pearl Guineas
  • Pied Guineas
  • Partridge Cochin Chickens
  • Silver Laced Cochin Chickens
  • Buff Laced Polish Chickens
  • Polish Frizzle Chickens
  • Rhode Island Red Chickens
  • Rabbits we raise:

  • English Angora
  • Goatts we raise:

  • Angora
  • We organically grow many herbs & vegetables. We can, freeze, cold storage, dry & sell what we produce. We regularly culture most of our foods & beverages such as: kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir & greek yogurt. Cultured unpasteurized foods are essential in giving one's self health & vitality.

    Please support your local farmers. Without our farms, we are nothing!

    We love & support handmade!


    Listing last updated on Nov 14, 2014

    We relocated here from NJ in December of 2010 where we had a 2 acre organic hobby farm. We have a lot of room to grow now, so please be patient with us - we are a work in progress. We welcome you to visit us on Facebook and/or our website to deepen the connection (our farm is closed to the public). Thank you for supporting us on this journey...

    Schedule and Location:

    Doddridge County FFA Farmers Market
    (304) 873-1435
    69 C Stansberry Field Rd
    West Union, WV 26456

    (by the football field)

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    We received our scoby 2 to 3 days after we ordered it, and it came in perfect condition. The scoby has been very prolific, and, though the original scoby was small, it was very alive and well; it has since formed a large baby scoby on top, and the kombucha from these scobys has been AWESOME! Thanks so much!

    this is a very healthy mushroom. it came with very nice instructions. easy to follow. mushroom was small. it was supposed to fit in a one quart jar. i like it that way though.

    I had researched Kombucha on the internet before I ventured off to try this. When I received my scoby it was everything that I had read about. My scoby is fermenting as I write this and I am so excited to have my first batch.... [more]

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