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Running Bug Farm - Better Than Organic

Our organic farm is family owned & operated by us. Our shops are a reflection of our life. What we sell is how we live & it supports us. You can easily find:

  • Organic Humane Feathers
  • Organic Cultures
  • Organic Non GMO Seeds
  • Hand Knits & Crochets
  • English Angora Rabbit Wool
  • Organic Hand Creams
  • Organic Lip Balms
  • Organic Cat Toys & More!
  • We make everything ourselves right here on our organic farm! We salvage what we can & use organic natural supplies in what is not salvaged.

    We practice herbal medicine. Our farmstead is natural, holistic & organic. We organically raise many types of poultry for eggs, hatching, meat, fertilizer, bug control & entertainment. They are allowed to free range on pond & pasture as they would naturally; treated with pure freedom not commonly seen for their entire lives.

    Poultry we raise:

  • Indian Black Runner Ducks
  • Narragansett Turkeys
  • Brown Guineas
  • Lavender Guineas
  • Pearl Guineas
  • Pied Guineas
  • Partridge Cochin Chickens
  • Silver Laced Cochin Chickens
  • Buff Laced Polish Chickens
  • Polish Frizzle Chickens
  • Rhode Island Red Chickens
  • Rabbits we raise:

  • English Angora
  • We organically grow many herbs & vegetables. We can, freeze, cold storage, dry & sell what we produce. We regularly culture most of our foods & beverages such as: kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir, greek yogurt, buttermilk & more! Cultured unpasteurized foods are essential in giving one's self health & vitality.

    Please support your local farmers. Without our farms, we are nothing!

    We love & support handmade!


    Listing last updated on Aug 17, 2014

    We relocated here from NJ in December of 2010 where we had a 2 acre organic hobby farm. We have a lot of room to grow now, so please be patient with us - we are a work in progress. We welcome you to visit us on Facebook and/or our website to deepen the connection (our farm is closed to the public). Thank you for supporting us on this journey...

    Schedule and Location:

    Doddridge County FFA Farmers Market
    (304) 873-1435
    69 C Stansberry Field Rd
    West Union, WV 26456

    (by the football field)

    Kombucha Scoby Starter Mushroom Organic Live
    Shipped USPS Priority Mail insured w/ confirmation. Local pickup & delivery available.


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    We received our scoby 2 to 3 days after we ordered it, and it came in perfect condition. The scoby has been very prolific, and, though the original scoby was small, it was very alive and well; it has since formed a large baby scoby on top, and the kombucha from these scobys has been AWESOME! Thanks so much!

    this is a very healthy mushroom. it came with very nice instructions. easy to follow. mushroom was small. it was supposed to fit in a one quart jar. i like it that way though.

    I had researched Kombucha on the internet before I ventured off to try this. When I received my scoby it was everything that I had read about. My scoby is fermenting as I write this and I am so excited to have my first batch.... [more]

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