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At Running River Ranch, we are dedicated to raising healthy livestock, naturally. Our concern about additives, such as antibiotics, hormones, steroids, preservatives, etc., in our food supply and the rise in food-related allergies among friends, family, and the U.S. population in general, forms the basis for our "natural" philosophy. We raise Scottish Highland Cattle, a heritage breed known for their hardiness and superior beef production. In England, Highland beef is considered "the Queen's beef" because she keeps a herd of Highlands at Balmoral Castle for her own beef supply. The beef is lean and delicious -- often compared to buffalo meat here in the U.S.

All our beef is USDA inspected, cut, vacuum packed, frozen and stored at -10 degrees F for maximum flavor and shelf-life. Our prices are extremely reasonable -- buy from us and avoid paying the natural foods market's markup!

We have also added eggs from our pasture-raised hens to our product line.

Listing last updated on Jun 3, 2011

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