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Ruxville Farm produces free range eggs, grass fed lambs and merino breeding stock in white, black and moorit. We also have for sale raw fleeces, roving, yarn, and handwoven clothing and gifts made from our own wool. All handweaving is done here at the farm by the owner of the farm. We welcome visitors who would like to see everything from "sheep to shawl."

Listing last updated on Jan 4, 2014

We are happy to announce fresh new fleeces for sale! We sheared in November, before we started to feed hay, so these are really clean, well skirted and I will have the micron tests back shortly. Weights of fleeces are 4.5 to 9.5 lbs, micron counts are usually in the low to mid 20's. We have silver, moorit, and white. Mark your calendars, we have penciled in February 15, 2014 as our open barn date.

Schedule and Location:

Lambing from Jan-Feb, eggs for sale year round, shearing in the fall, all fleeces covered year round

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