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We have located our ranch in the Historic town of Wabuska Nevada, where the alpaca's out number the people. We are leaving our mark on history by breeding excellent Alpacas's. Our animals fiber is fine, dense and hypoallergenic to even the most sensitive person. Warmer then wool, and twice as light, it has the perfect criteria for many organic clothing uses. Many times I have had visitors remark it is as fine as cashmere.

The coffee is always hot, visitors are always welcome to come learn about alpaca's. They are curious and love to explore new people.

We offer many starter packages of alpaca's for the new owner with extended support during your learning curve. Free Delivery is included.

Right now we offer raw fiber for sale in a variety of colors and fineness. Also finished clothing and yarn

Listing last updated on Nov 30, 2007

Sack Race Ranch offering environmentally friendly alpacas. Alpaca fiber has been used for clothing since the days of Inca's. Soft and hypoallergenic to even the most sensitive skin, their wool transforms into wonderful clothing. We offer many packages of animals for the new owner just starting out with support before and after the sale. What better way to "grow" your own clothes. Offered also; finished alpaca clothing products and raw fiber for the spinner in your life.

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Always ready for your to pick at our ranch. Schedule your appointment now.

Schedule and Location:

One of a kind Alpaca apparel for you to wear, available 365 days a year,

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