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Gardening classes for the gardener who wants to understand his or her relationship with nature. Hands on classes in working with the intelligence of nature as it relates to you, your needs, and healing for all that is. These are classes about love for the garden and growing in relationship to the garden. Each class is uniquely suited to your personal healing and garden needs. Inquire about the current class schedule and rates. Private Consultation Appts. Available. Just Email for info.

Do you want a garden that heals you? Do you want a garden that cares for your needs? Do you want a garden that speaks to your joy? Do you want a garden that shows your deep appreciation and regard for nature? Then, these classes are for you. Schedule a class with Alex by emailing through this post. Alex is one of the head gardeners at Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church. He is Alaskian Native American, and Russian by heritage. He has served on the Lake Worth FL Tree Board and has taught and lectured on permaculture. He is a songwriter and has written many songs about nature. He has a great appreciation for trees.

Schedule a class with Bethany by emailing through this site now. Let her know your needs, and you can schedule a class at very reasonable rates.

Classes are taught by the Guides of Bethany Dalton-Kash. Bethany Dalton-Kash grew up in a house built by her father on her grandfather's organic farm in Pennsylvania. Exposed to this very biodiverse farm, and being surrounded by other farms such as Mennonite, Amish, and Italian farms, her beginning education in organics began. Her father made his own wines, and her grandmother made her own cheeses. She then went to work at a young age on conventional farms during the summer seasons. She later moved to LA where she owned a highly acclaimed natural foods restaurant. After that, a move to Oregon taught her about forests, hunting wild mushrooms, and herbology. In Oregon, she was referred by healers and cooking teachers to cook for cancer patients. During this time (and really her whole life) she was exploring the spiritual and health relationship one has to nature, through many forms and teachers. In the late 80's she moved to California to attend California Institute of Integral Studies to get her Master's Degree and do Phd studies. In California, she worked for an 8000 acre certified organic ranch in the Napa Valley wine region, planting, harvesting, and bringing produce to the Farmers Market, restaurants, and more. In 1989, when taking a healing class, she realized that she could easily understand a Master Multidimensonal Healing Guide of the Native American tradition (A Light Guide). This period of time was aided and aligned also with the huna healing tradition of Hawaiian systems. In the Hawaiian traditions, she learned about flower essences and healing systems of Hawaii. In the Native American side, she learned about the directions, elements, animals, plants, and bird life, and so much more. This began an entirely new learning, which added to all the rest, of being able to speak to and understand the Spirit world. Bethany has been a professional conscious channel since 1989. Her relationship with Alex Kash, a recognized Thunderbeing of Tlingit/Aleut/Russian heritage began soon afterward. After that time, she moved to the Sierras (Gold Country) of California, on land connected to the back of Big Trees State Park, and State and National Forest, where she had a great education in what is going on in State and National Forest, as well as the mineral kingdom lessons there. In 2003, she moved to Florida, and began the challenging work of making an organic permaculture garden on a totally white sand piece of property, using almost no money, so that she could teach others to do so. Recently, she relocated to Oregon Coast in the town of Yachats, where you can currently book a class with her.


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Pumpkin, squash, jams and jellies, and current garden harvest, herbs, plants, and flowers. Wedding flowers.

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Bethany's class in her home garden was just what I needed....I have been working on growing my own organic gardens and had little direction and this class really opened my eyes and gave me the direction I needed.... [more]

I have attended several of the Organic Meetup group events and found them to be most informative and enjoyable. Bethany is a great source of knowledge on organic living.... [more]

On two seperate occasions I had the priviledge of learning from Bethany. She is a wonderful resource in both the physical and spiritual realms. The informationt that I gathered from the organic gardening workshop in her home garden was invaluable.... [more]

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