Safflower Seeds or Petals - Organically grown

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Safflower Seeds or Petals - Organically grown

Using safflower in your cooking and dressings can actually help to provide healthy fats for healthy, supple skin.

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Safflower is one of a larger genus of thistle-like plants originating in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions of the world. The orange-red flowers of safflower sometimes serve as a substitute for saffron, since they give a (rather pale) color to the food. They are frequently sold as saffron to tourists in Hungary or Northern Africa (and probably many other parts of the world). They are quite common in the cuisine of the Caucasus state Azerbaycan (Azerbaijan), where they help to improve the color of broths, soups and stews, without being expected to contribute any flavor. When it comes to your skin, safflower is a great way to provide relief for irritations. Safflower has been shown to actually boost the immune system. That means your body will work well to fight off infection naturally. You'll have fewer coughs and colds and you'll be less reliant on drugs to keep you well. Safflower can also help you to fight a fever. For many years it was used to treat measles before the vaccination was developed. It helped to relieve the fever and symptoms and allow the body to fight infection. While this is no longer necessary because measles is such a rare illness, safflower still remains a good treatment for fevers caused by other problems. When it comes to women's health, safflower is an herb that can be used to help with menstruation. If you have problems with irregular periods, safflower can actually help to induce a period.

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