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PLEASE NOTE: We love Local Harvest and this site gave us our first web presence. We continue to meet many of you through this site, but would like to make you aware that our web page contains much more information and the link appears on this page under 'Contact Info'. Please see our web page for prices, pictures, directions and much more.

We are a small family farm in the Fruit Cove area of Northwest Saint Johns County. We are still a very small operation, but would like to provide fresh meat and eggs to the many residents that live right around us.

Our flocks live out in the open air and are fed no drugs, hormones or anything else except healthy feed and greens. Taste the difference when your brown eggs come from traditional barnyard chickens that are kept the way that farm animals are meant to be treated.

We began our first venture, a flock of laying hens, due to the stories about the treatment and feeding of hens in industrial egg factories and the resulting quality of the food they produced. We also began to read and understand the concept and the advantages of fresh local food to the health and quality of life of our communities.

We also became grandparents and we wanted to teach our children about producing healthy food for themselves.

Our animals are raised and cared for right here on our farm as animals were intended to be treated. We provide them totally cruelty-free conditions and they live like farm animals rather than commodities.

Our laying hens, for example, are able to engage in mating, roosting, dusting, scratching and most every other behavior that chicken-ness involves. They live in a 2400 square foot open-air aviary with a deep wood chip floor that we recycle from a local tree service (rather than having it dumped in a landfill). The only reason our flock is contained at all is to protect them from predators that we cannot legally control.

Their feed comes from a local mill and contains no drugs or hormones of any kind. We supplement with natural wild green weeds in order to give them some of the advantages of truly range-fed chickens.

We leveraged the infrastructure we already had to start a Japanese Quail project. The quail meat and eggs have been a huge hit and the reviews are fantastic. Please see our main web page link for more.

We are also interested in hearing of any other farm-fresh products that our customers would want. We harvest a limited amount of pastured poultry throughout the year. We started a small rabbitry, but were not able to keep them cool enough in the summer. While profitable, we simply could not see our rabbits panting in the heat, so we converted to the quail project. We also have a trio of Boer goats and are looking forward to having chevon available in the future.

We are also considering pastured and range fed Heritage Berkshire Hogs and we're also willing to listen to other suggestions.

Please use the contact link on this page or our web page to express any interest or to give us your email address. Our address list is purely confidential and only used to notify you of changes and/or market days. Addition or removal to/from the list will be immediate upon your request.

Yvonne and I are pleased to bring naturally and humanely raised healthy food to our friends, family and community. We hope to meet you soon.


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Please see our web page link here under 'Contact Info' for our price list and much more information.

Schedule and Location:

Monthly Markets:
2nd and 4th Saturdays at the Julington Creek Plantation Farmers Market from 10am to 2pm
2nd Fridays at the World Golf Village Market from 3pm to 7pm
3rd Saturdays at the Nocatee Farmers Market from 10am to 2pm

Market day exceptions:
=== None at this time===

If you'd like to be added to our email list for schedule exceptions, please email us with a request. We will never share your email address with anyone and will add or remove you as you wish.

Schedule and Location:

Mondays and Thursdays from 4-6 pm at our farm. During Daylight Savings Time, we can accommodate late arrivals until 7pm if called ahead.

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